Ojukan Family Night – Tuesday March 3rd

Hey folks, tuesday night March 3rd is Ojukan’s special event: family night.  6:30PM.  Basically an open-house event, we are welcoming all families to come visit our club, bring the kids, and see what Ojukan and Judo are all about.  Over the decades Ojukan has been proud to be home for many Judo families and we have trained kids, teenagers, as well as young adults, parents, middle-age adults and so on.

We have a family rate for membership, by the way.  $35/month is the individual fee, but for family groups of two (2) or more, the price is capped-out at $70/month!  We want to encourage the whole family to show up, we know how hard it can be to break activities up and arrange availability and transportation.  If you chose the family plan, you get a great option for anyone to come in and train, so how cool is that?

Go to our LOCATION link for directions on how to get here.  6:30PM, Tuesday night, March 3rd.


See ya!


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