USA Judo Camp & Training Center; Feb 17-18, 2018, Pacific Rim Academy


USA Judo Camp & Training Center Launch (Feb 17-18, 2018) – Celebrate our dojo being named an International Training Center for USA Judo. On February 17-18th, USA Judo CEO, Keith Bryant and Director of High Performance, Ed Liddie will travel to Portland along with Mr. Kosuke Tanaka, All Japan Judo Champion, Mrs. Tong Wen, Olympic and 7x World Champion, Mr. Shinjiro Sasaki, Kodokan Cup Champion, and Ms. Kanae Yamabe, Olympic and World Bronze Medallist. Over the course of the two days, host a judo camp, invite the community and local schools to try judo for free, and promote our future events. Don’t miss this event!

Happy New Year Ojukan!

Happy New Year!

The staff at Ojukan hope you have had a great 2017 and are happy and healthy and looking forward to all of the great possibilities that lie ahead for 2018.

And what better way to get the year off to a fresh start than by dropping in to the dojo for Judo practice!

1st practice of 2018
Ojukan returns to our normal practice schedule tomorrow, Tuesday night, January 2nd. Wash your gi. Come on in. Work off some of those holiday desserts! And get a start on your 2018 Judo goals and practice.

New Pricing for 2018
Our expenses are going going up. We need to adjust our rates to accommodate. Fortunately, our dues are only going up $5/month and are still the best martial arts bargain in town. Moving forward the monthly rate will be $45, and if you pay for 3 months, the price = $120 (a $15 discount).

Recent Promotions
Last month we held testing, and two of our students were promoted:

~Riccardo Morescalchi was promoted to yonkyu (blue belt)
~Phong Ly was promoted to sankyu (3rd-degree brown belt)

Congratulations, Riccardo and Phong, much deserved promotions. Keep it up. We all want to see black belts around your waist in the future. You’ve made great progress.

Help Promote Ojukan
Online marketing on the Internet is an interesting process. Right now Ojukan judo comes up on Google searches, but its not always near the top of the search results, so the public doesn’t necessarily see our club when they go looking for places to practice on the west side. So one thing each of you can do to help out, and it wont cost you a single penny, is to submit a review of Ojukan in Yelp! Yep, Yelp reviews bump businesses up higher in Google’s search results.

Follow the link below and give us a good word:

Training Goals for 2018
Do you have your training goals written down for 2018? Do you have goals? If not, you’re in luck because its a new year, time for thinking ahead, thinking about the kind of life and lifestyle you want for yourself. January is a great time to review where you’ve been and where you plan to go. Please feel free to talk it over with the Ojukan staff. That’s why we’re here! Some of you want to start competing, some of you want to earn a gold medal, some of you want to earn a promotion in rank, others want to get in better condition, lose weight, improve flexibility, some of you want to work on shaping and perfecting their favorite (or not so favorite!) techniques!

And the staff wants to improve how we teach. Always.

It’s all good.

Ojukan Winter Weather Policy/Ojukan Holiday Practice Schedule

Ojukan Winter Weather Policy/Ojukan Holiday Practice Schedule


Couple of quick things. Regarding inclement weather, hazardous driving conditions, etc., related to winter, it is Ojukan’s policy to close on the same days that the Hillsboro school district closes classes. That way you don’t have rely on email, phone calls, FaceBook, etc., for notifications. If Hillsboro schools close, Ojukan will close.

Holiday practice schedule. We will not hold Judo classes the week of December 25th. We will practice the week before and the week after. Tuesday December 26th and Thursday December 28th there will be no Judo practice.


Testing/Grading @ Ojukan, Thursday November 30th

Just a reminder, we test/grade students every quarter at Ojukan. It’s a great way to re-enforce basics with our students and to give the teaching staff a chance to review class progress and determine what kinds of techniques or theories need more focus.
So, this email is being sent to remind folks that we will be testing on Thursday, November 30th.
Whether you are eligible (time in grade) for promotion or not, the entire class undergoes the assessment.  Just another day in Judo!
Between now and then; show up, train hard, pay attention and ask questions.  Find out what you are expected to know, see if you can step up to the next level and figure out what that will take.

2018 IJF Rule Changes – What’s Old Is New Again

1. Waza-Ari-Awasatte-Ippon is being reinstated. That means two waza-ari equals ippon. Yuko has not been reinstated. That means what was formerly yuko is considered waza-ari.

2. Under previous rules when uke rolls over his back, a waza-ari would be given. Under the new rules it seems there is such a thing as a rolling ippon provided “there is no break during the landing”.

3. Landing on the elbow or hands is counted as waza-ari.

4. Bridging (on the back) by uke has long resulted in ippon. But in the past year, referees having been giving hansoku-make for uke landing on the front of his head. I guess you could call this a front bridge. Now it’s official: front-bridging is hansoku-make However, just because uke’s head hits the mat doesn’t mean it’s automatically hansoku-make for uke. For throws like drop seoi-nage, drop sode and drop koshi-guruma, sometimes uke’s head just hits the mat whether he likes it or not. In such cases, it’s not hansoku-make

5. There is a type of osaekomi ocassionally seen whereby tori has both legs underneath uke. This used to be recognized as a legitimate hold-down. Not anymore. This is not osaekomi anymore.

6. Golden score can only be won by a technical score (waza-ari or ippon) or hansoku-make

This one is a bit vague but it seems that shido cannot win during Golden Score anymore. Only waza-ari, ippon and hansoku-make can decide a contest. If this interpretation is correct it means that during Golden Score, assuming both players have no scores and no shido, the match doesn’t end even if someone gets one or two shidos. Only scores and hansoku-make count.

7. Not taking a classic grip will be penalised by shido if there is not an immediate attack

When the rules were revised after the 2016 Rio Olympics, it was initially decided that the refs would give more time for unconventional grips (e.g. cross grip) compared to before that where there needed to an immediate attack. Now, it seems to have reverted back to immediate attack for any grip that is deemed unconventional. The following trips all require “immediate” attack other shido will be given.

8. Leg grabs will be given shido each time.

When leg grabs were first banned, it resulted in immediate hansoku-make. After the 2016 Rio Olympics, the first leg grab is given shido and the second hansoku-make. Now, a leg grab is considered a normal shido infringement so you could theoretically infringe the no-leg-grab rule twice and still survive. The third time of course results in hansoku-make.

9. Strangles are often done with tori holding onto one of uke’s legs. If that leg is stretched straight, a matte will be called. A situation where tori could previously injure the legs and muscles of uke.

10. Just because uke is on both knees doesn’t mean it’s newaza. If tori has grip control and attacks immediately, he can score. However, if there is a break in action, matte will be called.

Rainier Cup 2017

The Rainier Cup Judo Tournament (Ippon Dojo) will be happening at Pierce College, WA on Saturday, 10/7/2017 at 9:00 a.m.

Pierce College
9401 Farwest Dr SW
Lakewood, Washington 98498

Google Map


Tacoma South Sound Sports and Ippon Judo Dojo, Inc. invite all Judokas to the 2017 Rainier Cup Judo
Championships. This regional tournament is sanctioned by the United States Judo Federation, Inc. and
sponsored by Tacoma South Sound Sports and Ippon Judo Dojo, Inc. We thank you in advance for your
support and participation and look forward to seeing each of you on the mat!
Tournament Directors:
Jason Harai & John Harai
Chief Referee:
Julie Koyama
Sanctioned By:
United States Judo Federation, Sanction Number: 17-10-09
Pierce Community College (Fort Steilacoom Campus)
9401 Farwest Drive
Lakewood, Washington 98498
Entry Fee:
$35.00 USD (First Division), $20.00 USD (Second Division)
$45.00 CAD (First Division), $30.00 CAD (Second Division)
Please Make Checks Payable to Ippon Judo Dojo
1st Place Winners Will Receive an Olympic Style Medal.
2nd Place & 3rd Place Winners Will Receive an Olympic Style Medal.
Grand Champions Will Win a Custom Championship Belt!!!
Open to USJF, USJA, USA Judo, & Judo Canada. All Contestants
Show a Current USJF, USJA, USA Judo, or Judo Canada Card to Compete.
Saturday, October 7th, 7 am to 8:30 am
, ALL Junior Boys & Girls
(Pierce College)
Saturday, October 7th, 7 am to 8:30 am
, ALL Senior Men & Women

Officials’ Meeting:
9 am (Upstairs Officials’ Room)
Coaches’ Meeting:
9 am (Upstairs Officials’ Room)
Opening Ceremonies:
9:45 am
Registration Deadline:
Please E-Mail One (1) Dojo/Club/Team Roster No Later Than
Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 by Midnight.
Please DO NOT Scan & E-Mail
Entry Forms or Waivers!!! Please Include the Contestant’s
E-Mail Roster to:
Robyn Russell Harai
Hotel Accommodations:
Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma Mall
8203 South Hosmer Street
Tacoma, Washington 98408
(253) 539-2288

NWJY Meeting:
The Northwest Judo Yudanshakai Board of Examiners Meeting Will Start at
6 pm, Friday, October 6th, 2017 at the Hampton Inn & Suites Tacoma Mall.
The General Meeting and Elections Will Begin Immediately Following the
Conclusion of The NWJY Board of Examiners Meeting.

No gi tai otoshi (from 50/50 clinch)

Having recently practiced no-gi Judo, I’m reminded that no-gi Judo can be used to sharpen a judoka’s technique, because without a gi to grip and pull on, focus becomes much more intense on good positioning, good kuzushi, good movement.  Everybody should have no-gi in their curriculum.  So, having said that, here’s a no-gi tai otoshi, taught by Rick Hawn:

Ojukan Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Sunday August 27th!

50th Anniversary BBQ

Sunday August 27th, 1PM – 5PM

13213 SW Kleier Drive
Hillsboro OR 97123

Celebrate with our Dojo family.  If you would like, bring a side dish, dessert, or beverages to share.  Dojo will provide burgers and hotdogs + cake and soda.  There’s a swimming pool as well.


Ojukan-50th-Picnic-Invite-Rev2  (download the flyer)


USJF online membership renewal app (instructions)

It’s a little funky but USJF assures me they are working on improving their site.  So be patient.  However, here are the patented steps for using the USJF online membership renewal app:


Administrative Manager
Dear Mr. Engel,

We are working on getting all of the site in working order. To sign up online, please do the following.

1. Go to
2. Click on Store. Do not click on the link underneath Store.
3. Scroll down to Primary membership.
4. Click on Add To Cart.
5. A box will pop up calle Cart. Click on Proceed to Checkout.
6. An Agreement Policy page will come up. Number 1 & 2 needs to be checked Yes. There is a signature box also. Sign with your mouse if you do not have a touch screen and then click Proceed.
7. The next screen you will be able make sure the fee and type of membership is correct. If so, enter the billing information for your credit card. You will add the actual credit card number on a different page.
8. The next page is your membership information. Enter your information and then click next.
9. The next page is Term of Service. Click the box and then click next.
10. The next page Payment Method. Enter the information for your credit card.

After you are finished you should receive an email saying everything went through.

Ojukan Policy & Snow Days

Some of you may have noticed the possibility of snow early next week in the local weather forecasts. So now is a good time to share Ojukan Judo’s bad weather policy.
If the Hillsboro school district closes down schools due to snow or bad weather, Ojukan will close practice that night.
You don’t have to call people, rush to find the right web page, or figure out anything the hard way. Just watch the news – we honor the same closure decisions as the Hillsboro school district.
In the mean-time, Keep On Throwing!