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Ojukan Judo’s New Location

5749 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro, OR 97124

Angel’s Boot Camp – Location of Ojukan Judo

2021 Update: Angel’s Boot Camp has moved on, and this business no longer owns the space. However OJUKAN JUDO is still here! Still the same address, still using the same cool sprung floor for awesome ukemi practice + we have excellent Dollamur mats on top of the sprung floor (

Sensei Joan Miller, Awarded International B Judo Referee

Joan Ploem Miller
20 mins near La Asunción, Costa Rica

Very happy to have been award an International B (Continental) Judo referee along with 3 other Northwest Referee, Julie Koyama, Samuel William (Suyehira) and Patrick Lo along with other friends Diane Samia, David David J. Ellis, Bill Graves, Angela de Bye and Diane Manganero

Posted 4/19/2018

Ojukan closure notifications/bad weather

Ojukan closure notifications/bad weather

Hillsboro School District Closure Notifications

It is the policy of Ojukan Judo that during inclement weather, if the Hillsboro school district closes so does Ojukan. Check the link above for status. You do not need to call/text anyone or send email. However, we will publish info via email and our web site (

No gi tai otoshi (from 50/50 clinch)

Having recently practiced no-gi Judo, I’m reminded that no-gi Judo can be used to sharpen a judoka’s technique, because without a gi to grip and pull on, focus becomes much more intense on good positioning, good kuzushi, good movement.  Everybody should have no-gi in their curriculum.  So, having said that, here’s a no-gi tai otoshi, taught by Rick Hawn:

Ojukan Celebrates 50th Anniversary, Sunday August 27th!

50th Anniversary BBQ

Sunday August 27th, 1PM – 5PM

13213 SW Kleier Drive
Hillsboro OR 97123

Celebrate with our Dojo family.  If you would like, bring a side dish, dessert, or beverages to share.  Dojo will provide burgers and hotdogs + cake and soda.  There’s a swimming pool as well.


Ojukan-50th-Picnic-Invite-Rev2  (download the flyer)


Ojukan Policy & Snow Days

Some of you may have noticed the possibility of snow early next week in the local weather forecasts. So now is a good time to share Ojukan Judo’s bad weather policy.
If the Hillsboro school district closes down schools due to snow or bad weather, Ojukan will close practice that night.
You don’t have to call people, rush to find the right web page, or figure out anything the hard way. Just watch the news – we honor the same closure decisions as the Hillsboro school district.
In the mean-time, Keep On Throwing!